Become a Member at Molesey Boat Club


We invite you to visit the rowing pages on the menu above to see which squad you best fit into. If you are unsure about this, contact the Membership Secretary here.

Contact the relevant coach to discuss joining the squad. Click here for details.

Once you have made contact with the appropriate coach,  please complete the  MBC membership registration and send into to be processed by the Membership Secretary.




Once your membership application  is processed and approved, you will receive a confirmation from the Membership Secretary and receive an invoice for the applicable fees as outlined below.


       Membership Rates

  • Adult Rowing - Masters                   £490

  • Adult Rowing - Explore                    £490

  • Adult Senior Squad                          £570

  • Student Senior Squad                     £420

  • Student Holiday                               £340

  • Junior J13-J15                                 £510

  • Junior J16-J18                                 £535

  • Cox/Overseas/Country/Social       £96

  • Supervet                                           £400

  • Senior Squad Alumni                      £200


All subscriptions become due on September 1st. Any new member joining after 31st December will be charged a prorate subscription. The committee may specify the methods of payment to be used.


There is a joining fee for new members: £40.00 for Adult to Junior.  The Student joining fee is £20.00 but does not apply to Coxes, Social and Overseas membership.



Rowing members may rack their own boats at the Club subject to available space and at their own risk.  All boat owners should have insurance for their boats. Club boats will be given priority in allocating racks, which will be re-assigned annually. Please contact the Membership Secretary for more information.

                                     Inside           Outside

     Single                      £275              £175
     Double or Pair        £300              £200
     Four or Quad          £325              £225
     Eight                        £350              £250


For any enquiry concerning membership, subscriptions, or boat racking please contact the Membership Secretary by email at