National Schools 2015

13 crews and 26 athletes made the trip to Nottingham to compete against the top schools and clubs in the country.

Friday saw the younger members of the squad compete with 4 J14and J15 crews racing. The J14 2x, WJ15 1x and WJ15 2x made it safely through the time trials before all finishing an encouraging 5th in their respective semi finals. The J15 2x just missed out on the semis in a very strong field.

Saturday saw the older juniors competing led off by the first MBC Boys 8+ to race at National Schools. After a disappointing time trial where they missed out on the A/B semis by less than a second, they went on to win the C final in a time that would have made it through to the A final. Lesson in how to time trial learnt! The Girls4+ did make it through the time trial and just missed out on a finals place, finishing 4th in a tough semi. Also racing was a J17 1x who just missed out on a semis place in a big field of 45 scullers!

The 8+ split down into a Champ 4- and two Champ 2- for the Sunday and were joined by the J16s. 5th seems to be the Molesey finishing position of choice with the J16 and WJ16 pairs both making it through the time trial and claiming that position in the semi. The WJ16 1x faced an uphill battle in the time trial finishing mid-field but just missing out on progressing. The Champ 2- were unlucky not to make it through after time trial results were ‘revised’ making them the fastest and second fastest non-qualifiers. The result of the regatta however belongs to the Champ 4- who passed Abingdon on the surge to claim 3rd in the semi and earn a place in the Champ 4-. Lining up alongside Westminster A and B, Pangbourne, Eton and Hampton, it was always going to be tough but the boys produced a now trademark strong 3rd500m to row through Hampton, finish 5th and claim the title of top crew on the Molesey stretch (!). Special thanks to Surrey Uni for the use of the boat.

Crew Lists

J14 2x –Jacob Campbell, Joe Miller. 5th in semi.

J15 2x – Felix Warren, Theo Darlow. 23/42 in TT (18 through)

WJ15 2x – Daisy Leppard, Ellie Rockey. 5th in semi.

WJ15 1x – Holly Dunford. 5th in semi.

1st 8+ Jasper Elliott, Oli Jones, Lucas Phelps, Joe Hughes, Oli Ayres, Will Johnston, Luke Gowland, Will Stewart cox Calvin Hooper. Won C final.

Girls 4+ Sophie Naylor, Suzie Lowe, Lillie Reid, Faye Williams cox Eilidh Radcliff. 4th in semi.

J17 1x James Bentley-Fox. 26/45 in TT (12 through)

Champ 4- Will Stewart, Oli Ayres, Will Johnston, Luke Gowland. 5th in A final.

Champ 2- Lucas Phelps, Oli Jones. Fastest non-qualifier 13/23 in TT.

Champ 2- Jasper Elliott, Joe Hughes. 14/23 in TT.

J16 2- Matt Hardy, Dan Gowland. 5th in semi.

WJ16 2- Niamh Nolan, Emma Duncan. 5th in semi.

Wj16 1x Eilidh Radcliff. 27/36 in TT.

National Schools Regatta 2015 JM17-18


This year’s Nat Schools was a mixed bag of positives and negatives across the board for the Junior Men’s sweep squad. It started with first 8s (Child Beale) and the first Molesey entry for a while (if ever!). Sadly due the boys being inexperienced in 8s racing and in particular time trials, they failed to qualify for the A-B semi finals by less than 1s. Put straight through to the C final and knowing the A/B semis were the races immediately after, we wanted to prove ourselves and go for a time. This we did, winning the C final by a length in a time that would have qualified for the A final in the following races. We also had a J17 entering the single, who after a very good effort in the time trial and in a massive field of 45 scullers, didn’t qualify for the semis


The 8 got split up into a top 4- entering Ch4- and two pairs entering Ch2-. Everyone was determined to step up from the TT yesterday and despite adverse weather conditions, approached the races with much more determination. Sadly the pairs finished as the fastest and second fastest non-qualifiers for the semis but produced much better races.

Next up was the 4- who were ready and raring to go. The time trial went very well coming 6th, meaning we qualified and got a favoured lane. In a stacked semi final against big names such as Westminster, Pangbourne, Abingdon and Teddies, we were very much in the mix and just managed to surge through Abingdon on the line to take 3rd place.

Next the unexpected Final! As you would expect a very strong field with 2 Westminster crews, Pangborne, Eton, Hampton. The crew set a target to beat Hampton (their top boat) and after they shot out taking a length at the start, the crew started to reel them in after our signature 1000m ‘magic push’ and rowed through to a distance of 3/4l on the line. A very pleasing but unexpected result after a disappointing Saturday.

Report by Oli Ayres (1st 8+ and Champ 4-)

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