Molesey 'Leg-Ends' Double Masters Henley Wins

“Double Win at Henley Masters for MBC Leg – Ends””

We decided to enter this year’s Masters regatta quite some time ago but in true “Leg – End” fashion the racing crews finally went out for the first time on race day, and exact crew composition was still being negotiated until the day before. We’ve hardly raced there over the years but the biggest noticeable change is the volume of motorised boats that plough up and down, particularly during late morning and afternoon racing. Coupling this with the breezy conditions we were soon quite thankful we had entered two eights rather than anything requiring more skill.

Both eights had tight races. The “Yoof Leg-Ends” (Masters C) faced Munich RC in the opening round, and clearly if you decide to trail your own boat for 12 hours up the autobahn and across the Channel , you are not just coming for a cream tea in Henley. They were a fit looking and well practised unit and our “ intel” from their earlier race was comprehensive – “ they leg it off the start” said their defeated first round opposition. Fortunately so did we, so by the time we put the boot in during the second minute we managed to get out to ¾ length and hold that to the finish. The final was a 4 length win against a game Marlow crew. With 30 years separating the oldest and youngest members of this crew, we started our positioning campaign with our younger members saying that all they need to say is that in 2015 they won at Henley….they don’t need to say it was at the Masters regatta.

“Leg-End Matures” ( Masters D) won two races to get to the final where a showdown with the London (largely previous lightweights of some repute ) always looked like the tightest race on paper, with a some of them sporting 2014 Etape du Tour tee shirts (meaning they had managed a very decent climbing stage on last year’s Tour de France). Also they had won the National Masters title in Nottingham a few weeks earlier, and were clearly in good shape. Minute two of the race again proved decisive as our extra horsepower began to tell in the wind, and we pulled out to win by ¾ length. On points for technical merit the dispassionate observers on the bank gave the result to London but as the last time I looked it was not a dressage event, we took home the medals.

14 Leg-Ends came away with a medal and “Players Player of the day” went to James Wright who raced in both boats on different sides. Motivational comment of the day came from Tom Solesbury who leaned forward just before the start of our final to tell me my opposite number had a pony tail… letters from the pro pony tail league please…please accept my apology in anticipation.

Many thanks to Phil for getting our boat there, and to John Parker’s gas fuelled pick-up for getting it back.


Masters C8 crew, cox Lance Peltz, Str Tom Middleton, 7 Ian McNuff, 6 Tom Solesbury, 5 James Wright, 4 Dan Ritchie, 3 Magnus Burbanks, 2 Tom Andersen, Bow Harvey Worden.

Masters D8 crew, cox Lance Peltz, Str Richard Stanhope, 7 Malcolm McGowan, 6 Guy Pooley, 5 Ian McNuff, 4 Clive Roberts, 3 Harvey Worden, James Wright, Bow Ed Bellamy

Ian McNuff

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