Summer Summary 2015

This summer saw one of tha most active representations for the club in a long while, with athletes racing under the Molesey banner in almost every international event going, from junior through to senior.

The squad collected a total of 22 medals as well as 10 GB, 8 England and 2 Wales vests, as well as three coaches at different championships.

Here's a brief break down of who was doing what over Summer 2015:

Home International Regatta, Strathclyde Park

Will Johnston: Gold (JM4-) and Silver (JM8+)

Rupert Graham: Gold (M4+)

Andy Warren: Gold (M4+)

Lee Rawlings: Gold (M4+)

Sam Vye: Gold (M4+)

Ellie Willetts: Gold (M4+)

Cled Ellison: Coach M4+

Helen Roberts: Gold (W2x), Gold (W4x) and Gold (W2-)

Nel Castle-Smith: W4-

Ali Webb: M2-

Chris Rae: M2-

Coupe De La Jeunesse, Szeged, Hungary

Alex Slabbert: Silver (JW8+), Silver (JW4-, Sunday) and Bronze (JW4-, SAturday)

Will Stewart: Bronze (JM4-)

Oli Ayres: Bronze (JM8+, Saturday and Sunday)

Junior World Rowing Championships, Rio De Janeiro

Megan Slabbert: 6th (JW4-)

Helen Taylor: Coach JW4-

U23 World Rowing Championships, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ali Douglass: Bronze (BLM4-)

Franz Imfeld: Coach BLM4-

Senior World Rowing Championships, Aiguebelette, France

Ruth Walczack: Silver (LW4x)

George Nash: Gold (M8+)

Moe Sbihi: Gold (M8+)

James Foad: Silver (M2-)

Henry Fieldman: Gold (M2+)

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