Junior Autumn Round Up


Weybridge Silver Sculls

A fantastic start to the season with Molesey crews dominating the field. 12 wins in total but

they were backed up by 28 top 10 finishes, 5 crews in the top 10 overall, the fastest junior

boys’ and junior girls’ 2x, fastest junior boys’ 1x and the fastest crew OVERALL.

Winning crews were

WJ16 1x Holly Dunford

WJ18 2x Layla Wheeldon and Georgie

WIM3 2x Phoebe Truett and Holly

WNov 2x Isobel Truett and Jade

J16 1x George Wedlake

J18 1x Oli Ayres

Nov 1x Dan

J16 2x Felix Warren and George Wedlake

Nov 2x Dan Gowland and Matt Hardy

IM3 2x Scott Cowie and Fraser Steel

IM2 2x Oli Jones and Joe Hughes

J18 2x Oli Jones and Oli Ayres

Kingston Head

Another great performance from our J16 and J18 Performance squads with 5 wins and 4 2nd


Wins for

WJ18 2x Layla Wheeldon and Phoebe Truett

WJ16 4x Isobel Truett, Daisy Leppard, Ellie Rockey, Jade Mepham

WJ16 2x Holly Dunford and Rachel Johns

J18 4x Oli Jones, Matt Hardy, Fraser Steel, Jasper Elliott (FASTEST JUNIOR CREW)

J17 4x Adam Cook, Dan Dowland, Theo Osborne, Scott Cowie (Time was 2nd in J18 4x)

Close 2nd places for

J18 1x Oli Ayres

J16 2x Felix Warren and Theo Darlow

J16 1x George Wedlake

Nov 4x Isaac Gilberton, Ryan Galli, Frank Pauwels, Jack Perry.

Teddington Head

The Junior Squad’s development and J14/15 athletes raced in miserable conditions. This was

the first race for many of those competing having started on a Beginner Course in the

Summer Holidays.


WJ15 2x 1st Freya Dight, Abi Ferguson

WJ14 2x 2nd Kathryn Gooch, Isla Patterson

WJ14 4x+ 2nd Molly Bevan, Mia Donnelly-Reid, Mary Cruickshank, Madeleine Payne, Liberty


J15 2x 2nd Joe Miller, Jake Campbell

J18 2x 2nd Frank Pauwels, Ryan Galli

IM3 4x 3rd Isaac Gilbertson, Jake Greig, Ethan Mead, Fergus Lawrie

Nov 2x 3rd Jack Perry, Darioush Jalili

WJ17 2x 3rd Niamh Nolan, Emma Duncan

WJ17 2x 4th Eilidh Radcliff, Catherine Wright

J14 4x+ 5th Etienne Dias, Leon Buck, Dominic Williams, Izak Brannan, Stanislaw Pauwels

J15 4x+ 8th Sam Bennett, Alex Jewers, Oscar Murphy, Jamie Lunt, Rob Hoskins

WJ15 4x+ 10th Rosie Henderson, Victoria Breach, Sophie Lee, Maddie Clifford, Rachel


GB Junior Trials

3 MBC Junior travelled up to cold and windy Boston for the GB Junior Early ID Assessments.

Raced over 5k in singles, all produced fantastic performances to make a big statement for

their intentions in the season ahead. Special Mention to Georgie Grant for winning the girls


Georgie Grant (JW 1x) - FIRST out of 89.

Oli Ayres (JM 1x) - 13th out of 111.

James Bentley-Fox (JM 1x) - 70th out of 111.

Georgie and Oli have now been invited to attend the GB Junior Potentials Camp in Spain in


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