Remenham Challenge 2015

Aswell as GB Trials, Saturday 19th December was also the day of the annual Remenham Challenge, a head race on the Tideway between all 7 of the Remenham Clubs: Molesey, Thames, London, Kingston, Twickenham, Staines and Vesta.

For the men, with the majority of the top athletes racing at GB trials or ill, this was a key time for the rest of the squad to shine. The top crew put in a very strong performance, finishing just 2 seconds behind Thames' top crew, of whom the majority won the Thames Cup at HRR last season. This gives us a bench mark to go into this Head season with. The next crew, having had one session together, was a touch more rough and ready, finishing 10th overall.

The women, as ever on the Tideway, but in an excellent performance, winning the elite women's category and being the fastest women's eight overall. They finished 17s ahead of Thames's top crew. The second crew finished a respectable 6th of the women's crews.

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