Veteran's Head 2016: Two wins

This details our two wins at the Veterans Head this year.

We set out to win Vet B and C eights, and duly did that, but we also aimed to come 1st and 2nd overall and

missed that, coming 3rd and 4th, with two Vet A crews coming 1st and 2nd.

Breezy and slightly choppy conditions the length of the course should have been “meat and veg” for both our crews. Unfortunately our Masters B 8 struggled to find the previous weekend’s length and rhythm. Our master badges were a bit tarnished by the time we hacked our way down the course and although it was fun passing lots of crews and we were quick enough to win, it did not meet the standards we set ourselves.

The same cannot be said for our Masters C boat that finished only 2.5 seconds behind us in 4th

overall, won their category, and had a good one. Nice fluid, long rowing allowed them to carve

through the field although I think having Malcolm at bow with his lime green hat proved a tactical master stroke to put off the opposition in front wondering what on earth was approaching them.

So, two wins and a pot for everyone in our group who raced for Molesey …..oh and don’t be fooled by our crew being listed as Molesey/Crabtree…I say no more than we have a no blame culture in our group so I can’t say the

Fred Gill cocked up.

Overall the day was best summed up by our stroke man…” Every day on the water with the boys is a win”….onwards.

Ian McNuff

Vet B Eight; Cox Lance Peltz, Str. Artour Samsanov, 7 Simon Fieldhouse, 6 Fred Gill, 5 Roberto

Blanda, 4 Pete Robinson, 3 Ian McNuff, 2 Clive Roberts, Tom Middelton

Vet C Eight; Cox Adrian Ellison, Str. Marc Weber, 7 Ed Bellamy, 6 Tom Andersen, 5 Jonny Searle, 4

Guy Pooley, 3 Harvey Worden, 2 James Wright, Malcolm McGowan

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