Molesey Win Thames Cup at Henley!

Once again Molesey returned victorious from Henley winning a second club event in two years, this time one better, the Thames Challenge Cup.

It had been club and development squads goal since the start of the season to win in the eight and after an exciting season of eights racing, the goal became reality.

However, it hadn't come without it's share of hiccoughs: having the top racing eight snapped in half the week before moving to Henley and then sadly losing the stroke man due to a rib injury. But in the old cliche, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and this was certainly proved by this unit. Supported by a Wyfolds four and second Thames cup crew behind, the club crew sailed through the first rounds against Agecroft and Lea.

In the quarter finals, Molesey faced a Fulham Reach crew of mainly New Zealand based rowers who had upset the order by beating selected crew Mulheim. However Molesey took the race to them and comfortably beat them 1 2/3 lengths.

The crew went into the semi final feeling confident, but a little wary, going up against a dutch crew from Amsterdam's Willem III. This crew was comprised mainly of ex-junior internationals, with several of the crew hailing from the gold medal winning junior eight at Rio 2015 Junior World Championships. Willem III gave a good fight and didn't roll over, but the strength of the Molesey eight kept them ahead into a strong headwind, allowing them to win by an official verdict of 3/4 length; though at the enclosures this was more like 2 lengths.

On the Sunday, the crew faced a surprise finallist from Norway, NSR Oslo. Oslo did their best to psyche the crew out with much whooping and cat calling in the warm up and in the boat tents, but Molesey were not to be phased. Unfortunately reminding the crew of their loss to Westminster earlier in the season, only made them faster... The crew took a long lead early on and pushed away to an official 2 2/3 length win, to take the trophy for only the 6th time in the clubs history.

The rest of the club had a very strong regatta, with 49 members racing. The club was represented in senior, intermediate, club and junior categories. From the juniors, and unprecedented 12 athletes raced in both junior and club events and the club qualified a Remenham women's eight for the first time in it's history. The final list of crews racing in the first rounds were:

Grand Cup: 'Nautilus Club' M. Benstead and M. Hellen

Remenham Cup: G. Rodriguez, L. Primmer, R. Girling, A. Jonckers, R. Whyman, V. Watts, R. Edwards, H. Roberts, Cox: A. Yong (coach: P. Bourguignon)

Silver Goblets: A. Webb, P. Robinson (coach: P. Bourguignon)

Diamond Sculls: D. Bell (coach: P. Bourguignon)

Visitors Cup: 'Leander/Oxford Brookes' A. Douglass (coach: F. Imfeld)

Thames Cup A: S. Tuck, L. Thorpe, L. Moon, S. Whittaker, G. Stewart, C. Heywood, A. Gregory, R. Biggs, Cox: H. Fieldman (coach: F. Imfeld)

Wyfold Cup A: B. Witting, F. Russell, C. Rae, O. Ayres (coach: H. Taylor)

Thames Cup B: C. Gathercole, R. Mould, J. Broadest, W. Hetherington, A. Warren, R. Westall, S. Knight, A. Turner, Cox: Z. Davies (coach: Jonna De Vries)

Wyfold Cup B: O. Jones, J. Elliot, T. Osborne, C. Ellison (coach: H. Taylor)

Fawley A: S. Cowie, D. Gowland, J. Gieg, M. Hardy (coach: H. Taylor)

Diamond Jubilee A: P. Truett, E. Duncan, H. Dunford, L. Wheeldon (coach: H. Taylor)

The club also had representation in the Ladies plate, East India Boat Club and Martyrs Boat Club composite in the form of long standing member, Paddy Graham. This crew was put together as a charity initiative raising money for Sarcoma UK

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