Obituary to Dick Child

Douglas “Dick” Child

Dick was born on 2nd November 1926 and went to Tiffin School in Kingston where, on his father’s recommendation, he learnt to row. He joined Molesey Boat Club in the 1940s where he rowed as a junior.

After school, rather than going to Cambridge he joined the Royal Navy. When he left the navy he joined Shell and worked in oil production all over the world, including Venezuela, Oman, Kenya and India.

He met Margaret when she was serving in Nigeria in 1963 and their daughter Sarah was born in 1964. Their son Matthew was born in the UK in 1967.

Doug competed in the Rome 1960 Olympics but in team sailing and he represented Kenya, not the UK!

When he returned to the UK he went back to rowing and rowed in various veteran crews. He was President of the club for a total of five years in 1993 and then from 1996 to 1999 and for a long time he was also a member of Auriel Kensington. He and Margaret went to the Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London Olympics as spectators.

Despite two bouts of cancer Dick kept on rowing to the early 2000s but he finally had to give up rowing for health reasons, although he was still a regular attender at the club for many years. He died on 9th July 2017, having been active until the end.

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