Obituary to Andrew Paterson

Andrew Paterson The Club has learnt recently that Andrew, who died in April 2015, very kindly left the Club a legacy which will be spent on rowing equipment. Andrew, who was well known and held in great affection by the older members of the Club, loved the river and rowing. He was very active in masters rowing at MBC and other clubs from the mid 1970s, through to the early 2000s by which time he had decided he was becoming too frail to continue. He first learnt to row at Winchester in the early 1950s and went up to Pembroke College, Cambridge, reading modern languages. He rowed at Henley in the Wyfold in 1954 and 1955. His career was in marketing and advertising and he moved to Festing Road in Putney in the early 1960s. In about 1975 he joined Molesey Boat Club and became a club stalwart. One of his many achievements was that he played a big part in reviving Molesey Regatta. Andrew was a major part of the London Rowing Club ‘Irregulars’, which was a group of masters rowers who didn’t have time to do full time training so rowed and socialised a couple of times a week. He organised many joint rows between MBC and tideway clubs, particularly LRC, typically comprising an outing on the Tideway followed by a large meal in the LRC boathouse. In 1978 Andrew became a Governor, later Clerk, of the Thomas Martyn Foundation, an educational charity for watermen. He held office for 23 years. He also became a ‘Craft-Owning’ Freeman of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen in the City in 1989, regularly attending Court and Freemen’s lunches. Andrew was very generous with his time, helping out various clubs with coaching and other assistance. As a result he received honorary memberships of Lady Elizabeth Boat Club (Trinity College, Dublin) and of Kings College Boat Club (University of London). Amusingly Andrew was not one for modern technology such as mobile phones or emails: all communications from him were handwritten or typed. However this did not prevent him from keeping in touch with all the friends he made in the rowing world. He is much missed. Richard Steed

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