Molesey Win Remenham Head

Remenham head saw Molesey send eight eights to the Tideway to race against our fellow Remenham Clubs. It was a very successful day across the board.


Up against some very competitive crews, the men’s first eight took the overall crown of fastest crew of the day. The first time Molesey have won since 2010. An impressive result given the crew had only had a couple of sessions together.

The men’s second eight came third overall, only 11 seconds behind the men’s first eight. They were the fastest second eight of the day- demonstrating the strength and depth of the men’s squad this season.

The men’s third eight was a scratch crew on the day, despite a disappointing race they were the second fastest third eight on the day.

The Leg-Ends also won in their category, an impressive 24 seconds ahead of the next fastest crew.


The women’s first eight dominated their category, they were 18 seconds ahead of the next fastest women’s crew from Thames rowing club. The second eight also had a solid row, placing second in the intermediate category and third overall.

It’s the first time ever that Molesey have held both the women and the men’s pennants. The result will no doubt be used as a stepping stone and motivation to push on into the head race season of 2018 and Henley.

Thank you to all the Molesey members, supporters and coaching staff for your continued hard work and support.

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