Make Waves In The Molesey Rowing Centre Tank

The Molesey Rowing Centre tank is becoming increasingly popular with rowing clubs and schools as well as our own athletes.

The state-of-the-art rowing tank provides an ideal place for 4 to 8 rowers to focus on technique. With mirrors all the way along each side rowers can check their posture without upsetting the boat and you have the opportunity to get up close for coaching, videoing and practising coxing calls. Red boards up again? Not a problem if you are in the tank. Rowers can visualise their next race or outing and plan the best tactics for your crew. Rowers new to rowing? Build their confidence fast by experiencing the water without the wobble! Whether sweep oar or sculling, the tank gives you an excellent opportunity to focus on working together as a crew, swapping seats and feeling what works for you. Online booking available with secure care payment You can book on-line, by going to Alternatively, please call Lucy on 07903 055177 to discuss your rowing tank booking requirements. We hope to welcome you soon! Lucy

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