Good Luck To The MBC Crews Racing At Henley Royal Regatta

Good luck to all the Molesey crews racing at Henley Royal Regatta.

Results can be found here

The Town Challenge Cup (W4-)

Kristi Stone

Imogen Magner

Marie Grant

Yasmin Tredell

The Ladies’ Challenge Plate (8+)

Sasha Adwani

Oli Knight

Ollie Salonna

Findlay Talley

Chris Rae

Ali Douglass

George Stewart

Joel Cassells

Sam Tuck

The Britannia Challenge Cup (4+)

Bec Harrisson

Matt Christie

Kenny Gray

Jens Hullah

Robbie Schofield

The Thames Challenge Cup (8+)

Charlotte Fuscone

Adam Giambrone

Josh Burke

Toby Piggott

Andy Turner

Ollie Daly

Kalu Barney

Andy Warren

Tom Cross

The Wyfold Challenge Cup (4-)

James Nally

Alex Chisholm

Jon Broadest

Rich Laney

The Double Sculls Challenge Cup (2X)

Peter Purcell-Gilpin

Steve Cox

The Visitors’ Challenge Cup (4-) (Thames/Leander composite)

Rufus Biggs

The Remenham Challenge Cup (W8+)

Rebecca Edwards

The Grand Challenge Cup (8+)

Moe Sbihi

The Princess Royal Challenge Cup (W1X)

Elo Luik

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