Coaching Launches / The MBC Bar / 2021 European Championships

Coaching Launches The MBC Committee has recently purchased two new coaching launches, engines and trailers to allow more crews to boat more safely from our Club. A significant expense, but one that was needed to support MBC’s current and future aspirations. One boat has been delivered already and the other is being built. It has been decided to name these craft in memory of David Croucher and John Russell, both of whom gave great service to Molesey Boat Club on and off the water. John Russell was MBC’s first Olympic medallist in Tokyo 1964 with a Silver in the 4-. David Croucher was a dedicated Captain of the Club.

The Committee have established a Coaching Launch Donation Page where we invite you to contribute towards these launches and donate in John and David's memory. Ian Knight has written a précis of their accomplishments and I urge you to click on the link, read it, and where possible contribute. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it is very much appreciated in this year of challenges. Once the current restrictions allow, we will be organising a christening for the new launches at the club which will be an opportunity for us all to catch up over a drink to celebrate the memories we have of these two great club members.

The Bar Members with a good memory will recall MBC has a bar! It has been out of sight for most of the last year but I am delighted to share that we will be opening the bar up in a controlled fashion following Government guidelines. Members and their Guests are invited to the Club on our traditional Club night on Thursday evenings. The bar will be stocked ready and will be open from 19:30 to 22:00.

Please get your crew together and help get the social atmosphere back into MBC. Squad members, Junior parents, Masters, Social Members, Life Members, everyone is invited and welcome. Its probably a bit far for Overseas members though so they are excused. I am told that all pubs in Molesey are fully booked out, so we are happy to be providing somewhere to share a drink with like minded folk!

Important info - For the first four Thursdays, up to 13th May, seating is restricted to the terrace - no inside seating, and it is table service only. So please dress appropriately for the weather! From 20th May it is expected that the Clubhouse will be allowed to be opened, to be confirmed. Please be reminded that alcoholic beverages are also available from the Cafe during the day, and Cavan will be extending their hours at the weekend to gauge interest!

European Championships Isn't it great to see international competition back? Congratulations to the entire GB squad for heading the medal table for the European Championships in Varese last week. And huge congratulations to MBC's Mohamed Sbihi, Ollie Stanhope and Beccy Muzerie for their Gold/Gold/4th performances. Great start to build towards Tokyo. Please watch their events at Edge of the seat stuff....

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