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Laughs all Round at the 'Live at the Lock' Comedy Night

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

'Live at The Lock' comedy night returned to MBC on Wednesday March 1st 2023 greeted by a sold out audience

📸Ali Frost. Eight on the River at MBC clubhouse (available for hire) transformed from bustling a community cafe to a moody comedy club.

MBC Captain Tom Middleton welcomed a packed room to the annual 'Live at the Lock' comedy event. Grace and Laurence behind the bar were possibly the BEST warm up act keeping the wine and beer flowing throughout the evening, oiling the way for the MC's (pictured below) humorously relatable and brutally 'barbed' comedy.


Captain Toms Olympic prowess staved off the comedians 'jibes', but all respect that night went to Brian, our MBC leader, our 'sea captain' as he played along with the fun with his usual calm and good humor.

Like lambs to the slaughter, the comedians worked their way along the people sitting in the front row 'playing' with their real lives as fresh fodder for their acts - much to the hilarity of the rest of the room, who (like myself) were cowering in the shadows.

Comedian Ria Lina's BSc in Experimental Pathology, MSc in Forensic Science, and PhD in Virology took us on a journey;

crafting science in to an art form.

A camera flash caught American Russell Hicks' (below) attention who (thankfully) was happy to be 'papped' by the MBC paparazzi as he expertly crafted the audiences anecdotes to fuel his comedy. Does everyone have an ergo in their kitchen?


Headline act Ben Norris operated a sleek and well-seasoned set about his experience of dating in your 50's which amused with a quiet sense of knowing and juddering shoulders.

The evening was a roaring success and a jolly good laugh was had by all. Next year, if a comedian asks what you do for a living - tell them you shave dolphins!

The next members MBC event is the Members Club Dinner on Friday March 24th 2023. MBC Members Book here

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