MBC Athletes Selected for the Olympic Games

It's with great pleasure that I inform you that two of your fellow MBC members have been selected to compete at the Tokyo Olympic Games!

Moe Sibihi, who is already multiple Olympian and Gold and Bronze medalist, has been selected to compete in the Men's Eight. This is the second time Moe has been selected in the Olympic eight, having competed in the same boat in London 2012 and earning a Bronze medal. He was one of the youngest in that eight and a first time Olympian, today he is the seasoned Olympian sharing his vast experience with his crew mates who are all first time Olympians. With the speed we've seen from the crew this season, we're very excited to see how they fare at the games!

Becca Muzerie (nee Girling) is the first MBC female athlete to be selected for the Olympic games, so we are incredibly proud of Beccy as its both a first selection for her and as a historical moment for the club. Beccy will be competing in the women's eight, which is also a young boat full of eager athletes ready to get out there and show the world what they can do.

It has been such a rollercoaster of a journey for both Moe and Beccy. A typical four year Olympiad is incredibly challenging, full of trials and tribulations. This time round COVID-19 was added into the mix, resulting in a years delay to the games and both athletes having to fight for reselection. I think we can safely say they deserve huge praise for getting this far.

Beccy and Moe we congratulate you both on your selection, and I think I can speak for the whole club when I say our full support is behind you. We look forward to seeing you both compete in Tokyo!

With best wishes,

Joel Cassells


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