Rowing Centre 

Management of the Molesey Rowing Centre

The facilities offered in the rowing centre are expected to attract athletes and organisations from across the UK and overseas. It is important therefore that they are managed to a high standard.

The intention of this document is to explain how the centre will be managed and set the standards by which members and guests are expected to use it.


It is clear from recent experience that the system of “last one lock up” is not working as the club has recently been left wide open on several occasions recently. It is more by luck that we have not had serious thefts.

As a result access to the gym and the rowing tank will be by key fob only. It is proposed this system will eventually be run out across the entire club to include the main entrance and changing rooms.

Key fobs are available to all members for a returnable deposit of £10. Replacements will cost £25. Each fob will be personal to the user and programmed to allow access to certain parts of the club.

Requests for fobs should be sent to the membership secretary in the first instance and you will be notified when they are ready for collection (hopefully next week).


Access to the Gym

Will be available to all members who have a key fob.

Access to the Tank Room

In order to prevent people wandering in and out at will and misusing the tank it is important we control access. As a result access will only be allowed to Tank Supervisors. Tank Supervisors comprise coaches (including Hampton, KGS and other long term users) and leaders of various MBC crews who will be responsible for running the session and ensuring the rules of use are observed.

We will shortly arrange a session to brief Tank Supervisors on how to use and care for the tank in the next week.

Alarm system

The alarm system covers the entire rowing centre and is controlled by a separate alarm fob at the panel inside the gym door.

In order to avoid everyone having to have an additional fob, the alarm will be set to come on at 10pm and go off at 5am each day. Users must not try to gain access while the alarm is set without an alarm fob holder being present.

Alarm fobs will be issued to the three coaches and members of the management team.

Tank Bookings

Times for MBC members and pre booked clubs have been allocated as per the separate tank booking spread sheet as follows:

MBC members
These slots will be free of charge to members and have been allocated in order to give all members an opportunity to use

the tank each week but, recognising we need to leave time available for outside bookings.

The times allocated to members are initial estimates at this stage as to when the best slots will be reserved and provide enough clear space for outside bookings. We hope we have the balance right but as the demand for outside bookings develop, there may be variations to this time table with advance notice in order to provide better times for members or allow for corporate days and other booking requests.

Members are certainly allowed to book additional slots for training outside their reserved club time slots. These would be paid sessions at the normal booking rate.

The remainder of the slots are available for other clubs, schools and community groups to book. All bookings will be via the online booking system at a cost of £55 per hour and be subject to the Terms and Conditions as set out on the tank booking form. (See attached). For the avoidance of doubt the Terms and Conditions will apply to all users of the tank including MBC members.

Additional coaching/supervision of sessions

In the event the user does not have an approved coach, under the terms of hire they will have to pay a small charge to hire one from MBC. We would like to hear from members who are prepared to volunteer to coach and supervise these sessions. This may be for community groups, schools, children with special needs or disabilities therefore a CBS certificate will be required.


Rules of use

The tank and gym rules will be posted on the walls as follows:

Rowing Tank Rules
We hope you enjoy your session but a few pointers before you start

  1. To access the tank only walk on the walkways and not on the seats or seat track sliders

  2. To start rowing take 10-15 low pressure strokes to get the water moving. There are 2.5 tonnes of water in each tank and the blades will snap if excess pressure is put on them

  3. No race starts or sudden changes in rate. Built the rate up slowly

  4. At no time are blades to be placed on the floor. Please put blades not being used in the racks provided

  5. Each person to only carry two blades at a time

  6. At the end of your session please leave the blades in the

    gates, sweep surplus water down the gullies and put any

    rubbish in the bin

  7. Out of consideration for the next user you should be off

    the tank and tidied up by the start of the next session

  8. By using the tank you are deemed to have read and

    agreed to comply with the Terms and Conditions of use

    on the booking website

Thank you for your cooperation

Gym Rules
  1. Please wipe your feet before entering and remove any wet or muddy shoes

  2. Wipe down the equipment you have used with antibacterial spray and leave it as you would expect to find it

  3. After your session put all weights and other equipment back on the racks/hooks provided

  4. Do not bring any kit bags into the gym or leave any shoes, jackets or other kit. Any kit left in the gym will be removed without notice and placed in the lost property.

  5. Keep the weights in the weights area. Please do not bring them onto the gym floor

  6. Report any broken or faulty equipment immediately to your coach

Thank you for your cooperation