Go Row; Indoor Rowing Classes

Molesey Boat Club offers Indoor Rowing fitness classes. You don't have to know how to row, or to be a member of Molesey Boat Club. Everybody is welcome.


Go Row is a fun 45 minute total body group workout using Indoor Rowers and Body Weight exercises.

Each session offers a fantastic workout and is suitable for all ages and abilities. 


First class is FREE!

Sessions run each Saturday at 14.30 and Monday's at 19.30

£4.00 for members and £6.00 for non members. 

Contact Annie on 07399198070 or email on mail@annemariebrock.com to book your first class. 


Find us in the Molesey Rowing Centre at Molesey Boat Club. 



Why Indoor Rowing?


Anyone can do it: Suitable for all ages, abilities, body types and fitness levels.

Total body workout: A fantastic cardiovascular workout. Every stroke uses 85% of your muscles.

Core strength & flexibility: The rowing movement is great for core strength and flexibility. 

Low impact: Rowing is a low impact activity that avoids damage to the joints.

Fat burning: Burns over 300 calories per 30 minutes of rowing. 

Easy to learn: Easy to learn the basics and you can improve every time you try it.

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