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Congratulations to our Tokyo 2020 Paralympic champion Ollie Stanhope on his MBE!

MBC are still basking in the victory of Ollie Stanhope's Paralympic gold and congratulate him on his MBE.

"To receive an MBE was a real honour, especially as it stays with you for life. Whereas you are only Paralympic champion till the next games. Also the opportunity to visit the Palace with my family who weren’t able to come to Tokyo will be nice. I received a pretty scary looking Cabinet office envelope which made me think I was in trouble for something, but thankfully turned out to be the notification of my MBE.
"I’m training now mostly because I enjoy it, representing the British Rowing team has been a dream of mine since I was a kid so I’m just enjoying living that dream, and hoping to get quicker whilst doing that." Ollie Stanhope MBE

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