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MBC Receive New Defibrillator from Charity RALPHH

Molesey Boat Club has extended its defibrillator cover thanks to a grant from the charity RALPHH.

📸Richard Allen. Pictured receiving the new defibrillator from RALPHH Trustee Susy Broekhuizen is Ian Knight (left),

Vice-President of Molesey Boat Club and Club Secretary Brian Dobson.

The grant has made it possible to make available a third, portable defibrillator for coaching personnel to take with squads to events in different parts of this country and internationally.

'Established in 2018 RALPHH was set up to increase defibrillator numbers in locations where people undertake strenuous sporting activity. Life Promotion and Healthy Hearts Trust (RALPHH) takes its name from the late Robert Allen, who was a National Schools’ Rowing Champion, who died suddenly from a heart attack. The charity is based in Surbiton and has worked with schools and rowing clubs across England and Wales. ' Richard Allen

MBC have London Ambulance Accreditation and are becoming part of the The Circuit - The National Defibrillator Network which provides London Ambulance Services vital information about defibrillators across the UK, so that in those crucial moment after cardiac arrest they can be accessed quickly to help save lives. The Circuit

CPR/AED training is planned for club members to have training with defibrillators in the coming weeks. Please contact Victoria Lazarevic (Explore Grp) if you would like emergency first aid training.

RALPHH has been very active in providing safety support on this stretch of the River Thames. A link with the Environment Agency last summer has resulted in defibrillators also being available at Molesey and Sunbury Locks.

Defibrillators at MBC are situated:

☕At the bottom of the cafe stairs

🏋🏻‍♀️In the gym

🚣🏻‍♂️In the tank (this is the portable defib that may be out with squads)

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