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Molesey Head Races – What’s In A Name?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Ted Bates, Molesey Head Races Secretary shares his insights of a great days racing

Jubilant winners of the Mxd4x- (mixed scull 4 uncoxed) MBC Masters Rowers: Christina Straughan-Parsons, James Holden (stroke), Emma Drinkwater, Alex Mitchell (bow) with Reggata President David Porteus. 📸Richard Steed

Molesey Head Races is the collective name for two separate events: The Molesey Veteran Head and the Molesey Junior Head. Molesey Veteran Head was started by John Tilbury of the Regatta Committee in 1986 and remains one of the few head races dedicated to masters. In the same way Fe Wood and myself, Ted Bates, started the Junior Head four years ago to fill a gap in junior racing early in the year and to target first racing experience for the youngest rowers in a non-hectic and caring environment.

Molesey showed its prowess this year, winning Masters 8 ABC (and Head of The River in a time of 9.14), Masters 8 DE, Masters 8 FE, Mixed Masters 4x- CDE. In the Junior Head we won J164x-, a second place in WJ14 4x+and first in WJ13 4x+.

The day went well but with the inevitable incidents like the Secretary getting a course buoy round the propellor of his launch and getting help from one of the contestants, and the President having to be rescued as he headed towards the Molesey Weir. Perhaps the best one was having to delay the start of the Veteran Head because the lockkeeper told one of the timing team to move his car at the wrong moment! But all said and done, a great days racing.

Top left: Captain Tom Middleton 📸Guy Leppard & Ted Bates

2023 Final Results can be found here

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